We believe that technology can change things for the better.

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Web Design

We make awesome websites. Functionality first, then polished to an envy-inspiring lustre.


We know that business needs are the core of everything; we start from there. Technology comes second.

IT Training

What good is technology without the skills to make the most of it? We do more than just handover.

Mapletree Entertainment - The Simon and Garfunkel Story

Mapletree entertainment approached us to create a site for the then fledgeling Simon and Garfunkel Story live theatre show. Since the site's inception it's seen over 30,000 unique visitors, 70% from organic search and the show has gone on to be a runaway success having completed multiple uk tours and a run at London's West End.

The team at Solve kept the site simple and effective and that's what I love about it, everyone is able to find the information they need and get to booking tickets in just a couple of clicks. I have no doubt the site has helped with the promotion of the show.

Dean Elliott, Owner
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About Solve


To create memorable websites that fulfil our client's wants and needs.

To use technology to enable businesses to function differently.

To go boldly into new frontiers of technology, but only use it appropriately for our clients needs.

Core Values

  • Fairness
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Partnership Building

The Team


Responsible for all of the technical stuff like code and servers and anything else Seán can't do.


Responsible for account management, money and all the admin stuff that Jamie can't do.